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Freelance Photographer from Paris, based in Hong Kong, available in Europe and Asia

Hello and Welcome on my website!

(approximative mandarin short version at the bottom of this page)

I'm Eric Guichaoua-Serra, a french photographer, living between Paris and Hong Kong, and mainly working in both France and Asian countries.

I started to learn photography when I was 13 years old, after my father offered me my first camera. He had understood, I think, that I was fascinated by his Voigtlander one I couldn't stop to play with.

I began to spend most of my free time making pictures of everything that was coming in my vision field, or in the dark room, thus discovering and learning all the basics of photography, from triggering the camera to the end of the process, with the magic of the image coming to life on the photo paper.

I learnt how to deal with subjects, camera and lights in the old good way, without the comfort of digital cameras that allow you to shot as many  time you need to get a chance to shoot one good picture.

Maybe it's the reason why, even during fashion shootings, I never work in burst mode.

I really started to consider working as a photographer at 42 years old. Times had changed, and I had to get skills in computers, digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, digital prints, digital sharing, and of course, because you have no other choice, social networks.

Passionated by ordinary people and life, my main exploration domain is street photography: ordinary people in their ordinary life.

I started to travel a lot, mainly in Asia, to try to catch some good street life pictures, in other countries, other civilisations, cultures, education.

But I also consider other domains of photography, as fashion, portraits, landscapes, cityscapes and architecture, or even wedding or fetish photography.

I have worked for Barque New York (fashion), ANRS (french government health service, ENIPSE (french health group), for many yoga teachers and students in Mainland China, made some exhibitions in Paris and Marseille, and was published in 2012 (photos book at Bruno Gmunder Publishing).

Feel free to contact me (use the contact form by clicking on the "Contact" item of the website menu) in case of need, for a photoshooting, a question, if you want to buy some pictures, or anything else regarding to my activity, or just to make some good pictures together.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and see more photos and news on my Photo-Blog.

Oh, and I made some music too. I would be happy to make some again with HK musicians if I can find some around. You can listen to some of my tracks at EGS Music as well as on SoundCloud :-)

巴黎的摄影师(见我的照片博客 Photos Blog & News)音乐家和作曲家(EGS Music),我在您的处置,为实现您的项目。书籍,服装,舞蹈,娱乐,音乐,设计,活动,家庭照片,动物照片,肖像,制度,不要犹豫与我联系任何摄影项目。

EGS at work with Clara-Maria, German Model

Please feel free to leave your comment or ask a question.

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