Services - EGS Photography

Though my main works concern street photography, I offer a bunch of services for individual persons, families, groups or companies.

- outdoor photoshootings,

- indoor/studio photoshootings,

- fashion photography,

- sport photography,

- packshots (objects) photography,

- business cards, flyers, logos, small CMS or static website creation...

Feel free to contact me for any project or any question.

Special May 2018 offer:

I'm offering free "speed" outside photoshootings for single hongkongers (women or men) or couples during may 2018.

One or two hours shooting in one of your favorite place, and post-production (retouching) of the best shots.

Why "free"? As a quite well-known photographer in Paris, I can easily work there without any "promotion". I'm unknown here in Hong Kong, and I need to add some Hong Kong models pictures in my portfolio in order to improve my "visibility". 

What will you get from me? Some nice pictures you'll be free to use as you want, as long as you mention me (or my website).

What will I get from you? Some new pictures I will only use in my online portfolio.

That's the deal :-)

Some different works

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