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When I shot Calvin for the first time, it was may 2018, and he almost killed me ;-)

At this time I had bad health issues, and Calvin had chosen a far location in the mountain, close to the Shenzhen boarder. We had to take the MTR, then a minibus to a small village, and finally we had to hike to the cavern he had found, at the top of the mountain.

The weather was very hot, I hadn't brought water, I was carrying my photo-suitcase, and due to my health issue, I was quite weak. I had to stop very close to the top, out of breath, and I really thought I would be unable to walk further. But I did, finally ;-)

The second time I shot him, he had chosen a location next to the sea. It was October 2020, and the weather was perfect for photos. Not perfect to be wet, but I was not the one in the water ;-)

Calvin is a very kind boy, and I can't wait to shoot him again.

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