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I met Claria-Maria in Hong Kong in 2018.

I was bored and had made a call for street shootings, and I had already enough candidates to occupy me. But Clara had sent me a special photo she made earlier: she was posing with a cello! Ah, maybe you don't know it, but I'm also a musician, and though I don't play it, I love cello. I love the shape, I love the wood fabric, and I love the sound of cello.

I decided then to make a photo shooting with her, even if she didn't have her cello in HK.

One year later, I came back to Paris and she was also there. We made a second shooting. This time, the cello was there :-)

Clara is a very special person, and a very nice and kind one. She's, by the way, a professional cellist, from Germany.

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