From June 2019, Hong Kong has entered a tumultuous period of protests, growing more violent every day.

I covered some of these protests for a French journalist friend from "Asia List".

I tried to organise the shots as a "one day protest" story, even if the photos come from several different ones: starting with people gatherings, police forces, then clashes, and finally night ending.

I'm not a Hong Konger, then I'm not legitimate to share my opinion on what's going on in HK, "the city that never sleeps", now known as "the city of tears"...

.Nevertheless, as a citizen of a country (France)  that had to fight to gain his freedom, I'm undeniably moved by people struggling to preserve their own rights.

This is my humble tribute to all these proud, determined and brave people fighting to get or stay free all over the world.

edit (June 2020): as a musician, I wanted to compose music fitting the photos. I did it, with a minimal music studio set, and I added the video to this page.

You can buy printed photos through the online process available on the website (green button "BUY"), but you can also buy High Resolution Digital Files (that you will print by yourself) from me. Just email me through the "Contact" form.

Hong Kong on Fire Music and Video

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