Hong Kong Blue is a set of photos I made in Hong Kong Streets, past four years, mostly by night, shooting night life scenes often lit by neon lights only.

As I never found convenient to make street shots using a tripod, you'll probably find that some of the photos are less sharp that what I'm used to make. Low light needs wide aperture and slow shutter speed to avoid spoiling the shots with digital noise, and it's sometimes too much to get what I'd really expect. 

Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy this album: These photos are among my favourites: They show the Hong Kong I love, dark, bright, clean, dirty, friendly, wild. I realise very recently why it would be almost impossible for me to live elsewhere now: the mood of the city is just the mirror of mine.

edit: I added a video presentation of the photos. Soundtrack music by www.egsparis.net

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"Hong Kong Blue Stories" video

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