Projects: august 2018 - EGS Photography

This month project started with an order from a french couple I already worked with last april: they wanted some pictures in their favorite places in Hong Kong, where they live.

Making their photoshooting in Hong Kong streets gave me the idea to extend this kind of work to other people from Hong Kong.

I had previously done my first hong konger photoshooting with Calvin, 2 months ago.

Working usually as a street photographer was helpful for this kind of pictures. As I didn't find time (and money by the way) to get my own photo studio as the one I had in Paris yet, it was a nice way to make again some people shots: street shooting doesn't need studio lights ;-)

I then made a call for photoshooting, and I got seven answers, with quite a nice surprise: two of them were from kids! Shooting kid models was something new for me, and I had a lot of fun making pictures with Hector (3.5 yo) and Elvis (5 yo).

One regret only: no other couple or single woman answered my call.

Maybe later?

Thanks again to Calvin, Cecilia & Arnaud, to Hector, Elvis, Kenny, Chan, Anthony, Matthew and David  for their kind collaboration. 

August 2018 Street Shootings

Calvin, Cecilia & Arnaud, Hector, Elvis, Kenny, Chan, Anthony and Matthew

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